Public Housing


The Framingham Housing Authority is keeping the focus on affordable housing with our $28-million comprehensive modernization of the Musterfield at Concord Place.
With the Musterfield at Concord Place, 110 area families enjoy new, high-quality centrally-located affordable townhouse homes that are convenient to work, schools, shopping, playgrounds and public transportation, with easy access to area highways.

Image of the Musterfield at Concord PlaceThe Framingham Housing Authority was awarded funding for the redevelopment project in 2007 from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The FHA was one of the first housing authorities statewide to receive funds through an innovative DHCD program initiative that pairs public funding with private investment. As part of the mixed-financing initiative, the FHA received $13 million in funding awards from Redstone Capital Partners, bond financing from MassHousing, and contributions from the Town of Framingham.

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