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Properties Managed by the Framingham Housing Authority

Properties Managed by the Framingham Housing Authority

State Elderly/Disabled

  • Arsenal Road (State Public Housing 667-2) – 80 units
  • Hastings 115 Cochituate Road (State Public Housing 667-7) – 72 units
  • Rose Kennedy Lane (State Public Housing 667-5) – 120 units
  • Rose Kennedy Lane (State Public Housing 667-6) – 84 units
  • Everit Avenue
  • John J. Gallagher Drive (State Public Housing 667-2) – 40 units
  • Grant Street
  • Guadalcanal Road
  • Normandy Road (State Public Housing 667-3) – 80 units
  • Arsenal Road
  • Memorial House 317 Hollis Street (State Public Housing 667-8) – 60 units

Developmentally Disabled Group Homes

  • 40 Temple Place
  • 24 Underwood Terrace (State Operating 689-1) – 24 units
  • 85 Alexander Street

Federal Elderly

  • John J. Brady Drive (Federal Public Housing 28-2) – 110 units

State Family

  • Guadalcanal Road
  • St. Lo Road
  • Corregidor Road (State Public Housing 200-2) – 75 units
  • Arsenal Road
  • Webster Street
  • Beaver Street (State Public Housing 705-1) – 6 units
  • Bethany Road
  • Beaver Street
  • Marion Road
  • Taralli Terrace (State Public Housing 705-2) – 58 units
  • Second Street
  • Oran Road (State Public Housing 705-3) – 12 units
  • Musterfield Place LLC – 110 units

Federal Family

  • Beaver Street
  • Carlson Road (Federal Public Housing 28-1) – 125 units
  • Pusan Road

Carlson Crossing

The Framingham Housing Authority has now secured the complete financing of the redevelopment project. The North Phase of the project consists of three accessible units that are currently under construction. The West Phase consists of 17 buildings, 68 units, of gut rehab construction to start in the fall. The East Phase includes a new community center and is projected to start in late fall of 2024.

Executive Director Paul Landers and Commissioner Janet Leombruno were in Falmouth in July 2022 for the announcement from the Lieutenant Governor and DHCD of the second financing award for the East Phase of the Carlson Crossing Modernization Project.

The Musterfield at Concord Place

The Framingham Housing Authority is keeping the focus on affordable housing with our $28-million comprehensive modernization of the Musterfield at Concord Place. With the Musterfield at Concord Place, 110 area families enjoy new, high-quality centrally-located affordable townhouse homes that are convenient to work, schools, shopping, playgrounds and public transportation, with easy access to area highways.

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1 John J. Brady Drive Framingham, MA 01702

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The FHA is smoke free within our units and common areas within 25 feet from any building.

Equal Opportunity Housing Provider

As an equal opportunity housing provider, the Framingham Housing Authority provides housing opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, familial status or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

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