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The Framingham Housing Authority

Formed in 1946, the Framingham Housing Authority is led by a dedicated five-member Board of Commissioners. Together with Executive Director, Paul Landers, and a supportive staff of 41, the FHA maintains over 1000 units of public housing and administers rent subsidies for over 800 units of private housing, in cooperation with federal, state and local authorities.
The Musterfield at Concord Place
Although many who pass the Framingham Housing Authority family developments on the historical former muster field site may see rows of townhouses, a closer look reveals the FHA is about more than bricks and mortar — it is about working daily to provide improved quality of life for each of its family, elderly and handicapped residents.

Paul Landers, Executive Director“Our aim this past year, as always, has been to enhance the life-quality of our residents, and in doing so, to better the lives of all who live and work in the Greater Framingham community.” said Executive Director Paul Landers.

With that as an agency goal, two key developments have marked recent activity at the Framingham Housing Authority — state funding fora two-phase $28-million modernization of the former Pearl Harbor Apartments (now known as The Musterfield at Concord Place) and St. Lo family developments, and renewed emphasis on services for FHA residents.

The Musterfield at Concord Place Court Yard

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